Reader Guide

Dear Reader, welcome!

For the newcomer to these books, here is some guidance for you to better navigate the content:

For Science/Technical Readers

⊗ Logical and Mathematical Sciences

    • Godel’s Mistake if you are interested in the problem of mathematical incompleteness

⊗ Physical and Natural Sciences

⊗ Biological and Life Sciences

    • Signs of Life if you are interested in the debates surrounding the theory of evolution

⊗ Social Sciences and Economics

⊗ Mind Sciences and Psychology

    • Emotion to delve deeper into the nature of mind and psychology

⊗ The Philosophy of Science

For Vedic Philosophy Readers

⊗ The Philosophy of Religion

⊗ Matter, Cosmology, and Creation

⊗ Commentaries on Classic Texts

For General/All Readers

⊗ Simple Introductory Books